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The story has begun in 1981 by an enthusiastic hunter who has been the most famous Turkish hunter and shooter. Since then our ammunition company has been producing high quality shotshells for hunting and shooting for more than 35 years.

In 2017, our passion for investing, improving and innovating triggers us to combine our expertise with the state of art technology and engineering to establish Medef Defence.

Medef Defence that is a centerfire ammunition manufacturer in Turkey is the will and innovation of the third generation with the same passion and creativity as in the past.

Medef Defence harmonizes well-trained human-resource and the state of art technology, and supports all aspects of ammunition manufacturing as well as sales, after sales and logistic services.

Dynamism of our company comes from customer oriented commercial strategy. Our customers are in the center of all our goals and strategies. Therefore, our activities are structured by focusing on our costumers’ need and satisfaction.


Since 2003, our company has several international customers. Our international customers benefit not only from Medef Defence quality and timely delivery, but also, from operational activities in the free zone such as import-export, storage and logistic supports.


Quality and efficiency in production are our priorities. The crucial elements for our company culture are to follow the latest knowledge and technology. Our engineers follow the international research and development activities closely to reach perfectionism in manufacturing.


Our values lead us to invest not only for keeping abreast of the time and quality but also seeking pioneer production techniques to meet the increased ammunition demand.

Precision can be obtained only through developing with our human resource and production capacity together with the state of art technology in order not to compromise from high quality standards that is in line with national and international regulations/ standards.

In today’s world, Medef Defence is aware of that the trade is based on constantly changing quality definitions. Quality  should be renewed frequently. Therefore, continuous innovation is in the heart of our business culture.

Our company believes that perfectionism can be achieved when precision and innovation can be efficiently harmonized in operational activities and manufacturing processes.

Success is not dynamic and yet, it is condemned to disappear, so we treat Our Values seriously.


The fundamental elements of our company’s success story are our valuable assets; the well trained human resources and the state of art machinery.

According to Medef Defence, the path to perfectionism in manufacturing passes from the precision and innovation at every level of the manufacturing process.

Our company has established all production lines necessary for centerfire ammunition manufacturing by using state of art machinery. All components of our products are divinely manufactured within our factory with enthusiasm and passion.

Moreover, our human resources are chosen carefully and trained frequently. Our team ensures that every cartridge leaves the factory at the optimum quality and reaches the destination with timely manner by following international R&D activities and fulfilling quality controls at every single manufacturing process.


Customer satisfaction is important tous, and it must be obtained by reaching premium quality start with using premium inputs during the manufacturing process. MEDEF DEFENCE has a very stringent quality control system. All products, inputs, and outputs are tested at all levels of manufacturing and only excellent products are used and supplied to the market.

We have bullets and cases manufactured by using state-of-the-art technology to control our quality at every stage of manufacturing and supply high-quality products in the market. 

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Söğütözü Mah. Söğütözü Cad. A Blok Apt No: 2 A/9 Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey

(+90) 392 235 80 07

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(+90) 533 852 43 23

Email: info@medefence.net


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