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Medef Defence is a centerfire ammunition manufacturer in Türkiye with the will and innovation of the third generation and with the same passion and creativity as our founder had in the past.

Salih Zeki AVCI, The Founder

Our story began in 1981, when Salih Zeki AVCI started the business because of his passion for hunting and desire to pass on his know-how to next-generation hunters. The pioneer AVCI brand has been producing high-quality shotshells for hunting and shooting for more than 40 years.

The “Salih Zeki AVCI” shooting tournaments are undertaken yearly. This tournament aims to commemorate him and create an event to together with young and experienced hunters to pass on Salih Zeki AVCI’s hunting and shooting memories and values.

In 2017, our passion for investing, improving, and innovating triggered us to combine our expertise with state-of-the-art technology and engineering to establish MEDEF SAVUNMA SANAYI VE DIŞ. TİC. A.Ş also known as MEDEF DEFENCE company.

MEDEF DEFENCE is now considered one of Türkiye’s leading ammunition manufacturers. We have also established MEDEF USA LLC in 2021 to improve operation service and quality and create a sustainable supply chain between our customers and MEDEF DEFENCE Türkiye. We continue to grow with the same passion and creativity as we have in the past.


MEDEF DEFENCE has various international clients and our clients benefit not only from our quality and timely delivery, but also from operations in the Free Zone such as import/export, storage, and logistics support.

Our business steps and strategies are structured by focusing on the needs and satisfaction of our customers.


The fundamental elements of our company’s success story are our valuable assets; the well trained human resources and the state of art machinery.
According to Medef Defence, the path to perfectionism in manufacturing passes from the precision and innovation at every level of the manufacturing process.

Our company has established all the production lines necessary for centerfire ammunition manufacturing by using state-of-the-art machinery. All components of our products are manufactured inside our factory with enthusiasm and passion.
The quality and efficiency of production are our priorities. 

Our engineers closely follow international research and perform development activities to achieve perfectionism in production while our quality testing lab and proof shooting process make sure there are no mistakes.


Our team ensures that each product leaves the factory at the optimum quality and reaches the destination in a timely manner following international R&D activities and satisfying quality controls in each step of the production process.

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