Production of shotshells might seem to be easy, however keeping consistent quality manufacturing for a long time requires highly technological machinery, knowhow, ballistic tests, and R&D. Every component used must be selected precisely and achieve harmony with each other for perfect shotshell. All types of machinery used in our facilities are Italian made and comprise many different digital alarm sensors as well as mechanical alarms.

Avcı Cartridges has its Ballistic Test facility, and in addition to initial tests at every lot, products are regularly selected from the production line and ballistic tested according to CIP and TSE to ensure consistency, quality, safety, and reliability.


Besides our production capabilities, we also offer 40 years of trade experience and production knowhow with our custom and on-demand production for export markets. Our company has been manufacturing products on desired ballistic performance and custom designs. As well as the manufacturing capacity, our company also undertakes trading activities such as importing and distributing ammunition, explosive products, hunting-shooting equipment, guns, and accessories

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