P. 12

SINCE 1981

                    SHOTSHELL DIVISION

                    AVCI is the pioneer brand of VENOM       Our quality policy is based on
                    which is established in 1981 by an       supplying customers  with  the best
                    enthusiastic hunter SALIH ZEKI AVCI.     flexible products at competitive prices.
                                                             Moreover, our company provides
                    After a short period,  AVCI became       value  to  the country’s industry and
                    a popular and  well-known brand by       creates qualified recruitment.
                    Turkish hunters and shooters. Since
                    its  foundation,  the company has        The latest Ballistic Test measurement
                    been supporting  the preparation         systems  are  used  in our  facilities  to
                    of   shooters   for  domestic    and     ensure  quality  and  safety  and  offer
                    international competitions.              products  according  to  CIP  and  TSE
                    Our company considers sustainability
                    for hunting and shooting as a basis      The main  value  we consider in
                    value principle.                         the  business  process  is  based  on
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