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                                                              He has  followed and combined
                                                              innovation and  technology  with his
                                                              experience. Shortly after its founding,
                                                              AVCI became the most popular brand
                                                              for hunters and shooters, both  for
                                                              games and shooting disciplines.

                                                              Today, by combining  the  values of
                                                              quality, he has passed on  to  the
                                                              next generation  family, and  the
                                                              latest manufacturing  facilities have
                                                              resulted in the best quality outcomes.

                      This photo was taken at IWA in 1993.    The “Salih Zeki  AVCI” shooting
                                                              tournaments      are     undertaken
                      Salih Zeki  AVCI started production     yearly.  This tournament  aims to
                      because of his passion  for hunting     commemorate  him  and  create  an
                      and desire to pass on his know-how      event to  forget  together  young  and
                      to next-generation hunters.             experienced hunters to pass on Salih

                                                              Zeki  AVCI’s hunting and shooting
                                                              memories and values.


                       Production                               Services

                      Production   of   shotshells  might     Besides our production capabilities,
                      seem  to be easy, however keeping       we also offer 40  years of  trade
                      consistent quality manufacturing        experience and production know-
                      for a long  time requires highly        how with our custom and on-demand
                      technological   machinery,    know-     production  for export markets. Our
                      how, ballistic  tests, and R&D. Every   company has been manufacturing
                      component used  must  be  selected      products    on    desired    ballistic
                      precisely and achieve harmony  with     performance and custom designs.
                      each other for perfect shotshell.
                                                              As well as the manufacturing capacity,
                      All  types of machinery used in         our   company     also   undertakes
                      our  facilities are Italian made and    trading activities such as importing
                      comprise many different digital alarm   and     distributing    ammunition,
                      sensors as well as mechanical alarms.   explosive products, hunting-shooting
                      Avcı Cartridges has its Ballistic Test   equipment, guns, and accessories.
                      facility, and in addition to initial tests
                      at every lot, products are regularly
                      selected from the production line and
                      ballistic tested according to CIP and
                      TSE  to ensure consistency, quality,
                      safety, and reliability.
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