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                                  The story began in 1981 with the pioneer AVCI brand and has
                                  been producing high-quality shotshells for hunting and shooting
                                  desires for more than 40 years.

                                  In 2017, our passion  for investing, improving, and innovating
                                  triggered us  to combine our expertise  with state-of-the-art
                                  technology and engineering  to establish MEDEF SAVUNMA
                                  SANAYI VE DIŞ. TİC. A.Ş is also known as MEDEF DEFENCE

                                  A  wide range of products are exported  to many industrial
                                  countries, contributing to the needs of military, law enforcement,
                                  and commercial markets. Considered one of Turkey’s leading
                                  ammunition manufacturers, MEDEF DEFENCE has built its
                                  reputation  for delivering innovative ammunition products,
                                  providing  top-shelf customer service, and demonstrating
                                  industry leadership.

                                  MEDEF DEFENCE believes success always comes with precision,
                                  innovation, and perfection as our key values.

                                  The dynamism of our company comes from a customer-oriented
                                  commercial strategy. Our customers are at the center of all our
                                  goals and strategies.

                                  Therefore, our activities are structured by focusing on the needs
                                  and satisfaction of our customers. Regarding our customer-
                                  oriented commercial strategy,  we have established MEDEF
                                  USA LLC in 2021 to improve operation service and quality and
                                  create a sustainable supply chain between our customers and
                                  MEDEF  DEFENCE  Turkey.  We  will  continue  to  grow  with  the
                                  same passion and creativity as we have in the past.

                                  REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD

                                  MEDEF DEFENCE has numerous international clients, and our
                                  clients benefit not only from the quality and timely delivery of
                                  Medef Defence but also from operations in the Free Zone such
                                  as import/export, storage, and logistics support.

                                  EFFICIENCY AND  QUALITY
                                  The quality and efficiency of production are our priorities. The
                                  key elements of our corporate culture are to follow the latest
                                  knowledge and technologies.

                                  Our engineers follow international research and development
                                  activities to achieve perfectionism in production.
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