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                  The story began in 1981  with an avid        aspects  of ammunition  manufacturing,
                  hunter.                                      as well as sales, after-sales, and logistics
                  Since then, the private company has been     Our company's dynamism comes from a
                  producing high-quality shotshells to hunt    customer-oriented commercial strategy.
                  and shoot for more than 40 years.
                                                               Our customers are at the center of all our
                  In 2017, our passion  for investment,        goals and strategies.
                  improvement, and innovation drove us
                  to combine  our  expertise  with state-of-   As a result, our activities are structured
                  the-art  technology  and  engineering  to    by focusing on the needs and satisfaction
                  establish MEDEF DEFENCE company.             of our customers.

                  MEDEF DEFENCE harmonizes  well-
                  trained  human  resources  and  state-
                  of-the-art  technology  and  supports  all

                                  EFFICIENCY AND QUALITY

                  The quality and efficiency of production     Our   engineers    follow  international
                  are our priorities. The key elements of our   research and development activities  to
                  corporate culture are to follow the latest   achieve perfectionism in production.
                  knowledge and technologies.

                          VALUES ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS

                  "Precision -Innovation -Perfection"          As a result, continuous  innovation is at
                                                               the heart of our business culture.
                  Our  values  lead  us  to  invest  not  only  in
                  keeping  abreast  of time  and  quality  but   Our company believes  perfectionism
                  also in seeking pioneering production        can   be   achieved    when    precision
                  techniques to meet the increased demand      and   innovation   can   be   effectively
                  for ammunition.                              harmonized in operational activities and
                                                               manufacturing processes.
                  Precision can only be achieved by
                  developing  with our human resource          Success is not dynamic and  yet, it is
                  and production capacity  together  with      condemned  to disappear, so  we are
                  the state-of-the-art technology in order     seriously treating our values.
                  not  to compromise  from high-quality
                  standards  that are in line  with national
                  and international regulations/standards.

                  In  today's  world, MEDEF DEFENCE is
                  aware that trade is based on constantly
                  changing definitions of quality.

                  Quality needs to be renewed frequently.
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