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                  The  fundamental  elements  of  our         manufactured inside our  factory  with
                  company's success  story are  based  on     enthusiasm and passion.
                  our  valuable assets, our  well-trained
                  human resources, and our state-of-the-      Moreover,  our  human  resources  are
                  art machinery.                              carefully chosen and trained frequently.

                  According to MEDEF DEFENCE, the path        Our  team ensures  that each cartridge
                  of perfectionism in manufacturing passes    leaves the factory at the optimum quality
                  from precision and innovation to all levels   and reaches  the destination in a  timely
                  of the manufacturing process.               manner  following international research
                                                              and development activities and satisfying
                  Our   company     has   established   all   quality controls in each production
                  the production lines necessary  for         process
                  centerfire ammunition manufacturing
                  by using state-of-the-art machinery. All
                  components of our products are divinely

                                COMPONENTS  PRODUCTION

                  Customer satisfaction is important  to      We have bullets and cases manufactured
                  us, and it must be obtained by reaching     by using state-of-the-art  technology
                  premium quality start with using premium    to control our quality at every stage of
                  inputs during the manufacturing process.    manufacturing  and  supply  high-quality
                                                              products in the market.
                  MEDEF DEFENCE has a  very stringent
                  quality control system.  All products,
                  inputs, and outputs are tested at all levels
                  of manufacturing and  only excellent
                  products are used and supplied  to  the

                                        OUR BRAND: VENOM

                  The total satisfaction of the customer at   through extensive  work and is used
                  all levels is our main objective.           to represent small caliber  firearms
                                                              production trademarks.
                  Our    Research     and    Development
                  Department devotes  most  of  the  time     VENOM  is a  product  of comprehensive
                  to  the establishment of production         engineering, state-of-the-art technology,
                  lines  necessary for the  calibers that  are   and broad know-how. For the time being,
                  supported by our commercial strategy        Venom is produced in five calibers:
                  and our manufacturing  team ensures
                  perfection in manufacturing using state-    9mm* 19 mm, 9mm* 18 mm, 7.62* 51 mm,
                  of-the-art  technology and respecting       7.62* 39 mm, 5.56* 45 mm.
                  quality controls at every manufacturing

                  AVCI is a prior branding name  that is
                  owned by MEDEF DEFENSE, however,
                  the brand name  VENOM is established
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